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This month's topic is JOY


    Sing Joyfully!

    Were you blessed like I was with a mother who was home? And always singing while she worked? It didn't matter what the task was or if the stereo was on, she was always singing or humming, happy to be busy doing whatever needed to be done to take care of our family. I still hear her voice singing "I simply remember my favorite things..." and "whatever will be, will be" playing through my head quite often. So many of the songs she sang were full of words of encouragement and a positive philosophy. These songs of hope, filled with melodies and rhythms that made you want to dream and dance, could take you out of a bad mood or make a chore you didn't want to do seem to go faster.

    When was the last time you listened to your favorite songs, and let them lift your spirits? Danced around your living room as you dusted? Sang? At full volume?